Standard Boarding Rate/Night/Dog

(First dog rate)

Rates are charged by the night. You will not be charged for the last day of your pet's visit if you pick them up by 12:00 Pm. Dogs staying past check-out time after 12:00 PM require additional care and reserving of the kennel for the rest of the day; because of this, there is a extra charge of a day care fee for pets picked up after 12:00 PM. 

0 - 30 lbs ........... $24.00
31 - 89 lbs .......... $26.00
90 + lbs ............. $28.00

* Unaltered Dog Care $1.50 per day

* Administer Medication

(medication must be provided by the client)
$1.50 per day

 Oral/or topical and ophthalmic medication for your pet if necessary. NO  injectables accepted at this time.

* Feeding Separation $1.00 per day

Starting October 1 2021 
$5 Sunday Check In and  Release Fee

** Due to the need for extra workers to manage the lobby area and care for the animals on Sundays. 

Sharing the same Kennel

ONLY possible for dogs living together in the same household. No exceptions. 

(First dog is regular rate)

Multiples pets from the same family receive $3 discount per day.


2nd Dog/Night

0 - 30 lbs .......... $21.00

31 - 89 lbs ........ $23.00

90 + lbs  .......... $25.00

3rd Dog/Night

0 - 30 lbs .......... $21.00

31 - 89 lbs.......... $23.00

90 + lbs ............. $25.00

Giant breeds will be hosted individually.


Dogs of the same family are welcome to board together under the condition that they get along at all times, especially during feeding time. Please note however that if ANY tension between the dogs arises, or if we feel that both pets would do better boarding in separate kennels, we reserve the right to house each pet separately at the individual boarding rates.

Cat Boarding Rate/ NIGht

Single Cat .......... $14.00

Multiple Cats from the same family .......... $11.00 each cat

Cat parents are required to bring their own food. Top Dog will provide blankets, cat litter and food bowls. Feline guests are boarded in 2 cat rooms which are located in a quiet  building on our property, away from the dogs. 

Daycare Rates

Standard daycare rate

(First dog rate)

Daycare 7:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m

0 - 59 lbs ..........$18.00
60 + lbs .......... $19.00

* Unaltered Dog Care $1.50 per day

* Administer Medication
(brought in by the client)
$1.50 per day

 Oral/or topical and ophthalmic medication for your pet if necessary. NO  injectables.

* Feeding Separation $1.00 per day

Sharing the same Kennel

(First dog is regular rate)

2nd Dog Daycare

0 - 59 lbs ..........$15.00

60 + lbs .......... $16.00

3rd Dog Daycare

0 - 59 lbs .......... $15.00

60 + lbs .......... $16.00


Cat Daycare Rate

Each Cat .......... $10.00


Major Holidays/ Discounts

Major Holiday rates/night 

*During major holiday times, there is an additional $2 charge per night. This fee also applies to the 2nd and 3rd dog daily boarding fee.

This aditional fee will helps cover the need for extra staff  that is required to handle the large volume of pets during this time.

Holiday Schedule

We are closed to the public the following days for pet arrivals and departures:
- New Years Day
- Easter Day
- Memorial Day
- 4th of July
- Labor Day
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas

* "Closed" means that dogs/cats will not be accepted for daycare or boarding pick-up or drop-off, but the staff will be there to care for the boarding dogs/cats throughout the day as usual.


Mid Term (15-21 nights)

10% off 

Long Term (21+ nights)

15% off

We offer discounts for long term boarding: Long term boarding requires payment up front for the first 14 days at the normal rate. Daily discounted rates day 15 through the end of the boarding month should be paid at the end of the boarding month. Then at the end of each boarding month thereafter.​


Vaccines for Dogs

Must Have:


Bordetella (or
Kennel Cough)

Distemper (DHLPP)

Vaccines for Cats

Must Have:




Flea & Tick Prevention

* Pets must have some sort of flea & tick preventative to be boarded and groomed. If not, we will apply frontline in shop at the client's expenses upon arrival. 

Can Purchase (Frontline) & Administer Here:
0 - 22 lbs .......... $16.00
23 - 44 lbs .......... $16.50
45 - 88 lbs .......... $17.00
89 + lbs .......... $18.00

Questions about Boarding, Daycare or Grooming?. Please send us a message. or call to (815) 832-4619

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