Facility photographs

Top Dog has 3 boarding rooms. A room intended for small breeds and two for medium and large size dogs.  Indoor facility is heated and air-conditioned. It also features a large exercise area for individual walks with staff supervision.

Main Room:

We host small dogs in this room. The kennel size for individual dogs is 4'wide x 4'high x 8'long and for multiple dogs is 6' widex 4'high x 8'long.

Tropical Room:

For medium and large size dogsKennel sizes: 8'long x 6' wide x 4'high with open concept and 10' long x 5' wide x 6' High with privacy panels.

Country Room:

Hosting medium and large size dogs. 
Exercise Area:

We do individual exercise time 4 times a day with a staff supervision. Multiple dogs from the same family can go out together. The fence surrounding the area is 6' tall. 

Grooming Area

Tub Area



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