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Price Breed List - Bath Short Haired Dogs 

PRICE BATH PACKAGE: Bath, Brush, Nails, Anal Glands, Ears cleaned, Bandanna and Cologne (optional)


Basset Hound$36- $42 Depend on size/weight

Beagle$30- $35 Depend on size

Boston Terrier$25 - $30 Depend on size

Boxer$36 - $42 Depend on size

Bulldog English$36 - $42 Depend on size/weight

Bulldog Frenchie$35

Bull Terrier $38 - $45 depending on size/weight

Chihuahua Short hair$25

Chinese Crested -Hairless$35

Chinese Shar-Pei$38–$42 Depend on size

Dachshund short haired$25-$30 Depend on size


Doberman$40-$45 depend on size/weight

German Pinscher$31

Great Dane$49 and up depend on size/weight


Italian Greyhound$30

Jack Russell Terrier Smooth coat $30
Rough coat (light trim up if necessary) $30-$35

Labrador Retriever$36( up to 55 lbs) $38 (55-80 lbs) $45 (80 up)

Manchester Terrier (toy)$30-$35

Mastiff (English & Bull)$55 and up depending on size/weight

Miniature Pinscher- min pin$31

Pug$30-35 depends on size and condition of coat; we highly recommend the Furminator Shedless treatment (add on service $10)

Rottweiler$38-$45 depends on size/weight


Whippet$30-$35 depend of size​

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