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About Lily Stevenson


As a college graduation requisition, I did my rural farming practices with the Embera indigenous community of Roldanillo-Valle del Cauca Colombia, giving advice on the production of small farm animals, such as: goats, ducks, rabbits, fish, chickens. I also coordinated for 3 years the event of the canine Walk and the Canine exhibition at the Fair Roldanillo-Valle-Colombia. After my graduation I was co-owner of a business that processed and distributed fish meat to the markets. I also worked for the National Statistics Department of Colombia (DANE) as Departmental Director of Agricultural Statistics of Valle del Cauca.  Then I had the opportunity to work in the Secretary of Agriculture of the Department of the Valley as an Agricultural Adviser and the same time I decided to join the University of the Valley for a specialization in systems engineering.

In 2000, in America, I worked for 6 years at the Dwight Veterinary Clinic, where labored with a good team of work and received training in dog grooming and canine massage and also worker on the kennel area when my help was required.  Also at the same time I started working as a volunteer in the Livingston County Humane Society, helping to clean cages, walking dogs for adoption and today I continue to volunteer by offering my time to do haircuts for dogs looking to be adopted.   

I took a break from work after my second daughter, many asked me if I would go back to groom and it was when in 2007 in winter decided to open a dog grooming and after boarding. It's been 13 years and I'm grateful to all the customers who have supported my work. I absolutely love what I do, and I think this is proven in my work. I look forward to the privilege of working with your pet.

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