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Shetland Sheepdog
The Shetland Sheepdog is a “Double-coated” means what it says—these dogs have two layers of coat. Their outer coat is usually longer, firm and somewhat darker than the soft and dense undercoat.

If you want your dog to maintain the appearance of the breed thoroughly brush out your dog (removing the dead hair). We can do a length trim feathering the legs, chest, and also remove hair on the hind quarters under the tail. Shaping the rear end keeps them more clean when they relieve themselves. We can groom your pet at your specifications too.


Thinning out the undercoat (removing the dead hair) of these breeds is a part of the grooming process and reduces shedding and ventilates the coat for your dog’s comfort.

Shedding is a natural processes , and it is essential that the shedding under-coat be removed so the skin can breathe.

Removing the excess of undercoat , isn’t necessary to clip short (strip/shave) to keep your dog cooler, if this undercoat is not removed it will act like insulation for your pet, and the skin can not breath, giving heat to your pet. We have some customers who have their Shelties clipped short all over (strip the coat). A short clip in the spring should last through the summer and help to keep the pet more comfortable. As all Double Coated breeds ( Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdog, Collie, Corgi, Pekingese and of course the Malamute, Samoyed, Husky and others) the short clip is convenient at early spring, the sunlight needs to be considered , because without that coat, a dog’s skin can burn, if the pet enjoy outdoors in summer time.



Brush out to remove undercoat, no hairtcut, just trimming the feathers, feet,paws, rear area.



          Removal of undercoat                               After undercoat removal, Prior to cut                          After haircut


Prior to the haircut, we brush out to remove undercoat, to perform this type of haircut the coat need to be free of matts and undercoat, to leave some length can be 3/4" or 1" . Trimming less may cut the outer coat (wich is usually longer, firm and somewhat darker) and the soft and dense undercoat is clear and will be show up. 



  Sadie      After haircut







                 Natural coat, owner preference, just light trim of feathers, feet,underchest                                 Lady



Ligth trimming:Legs,feet,rear




trim up body



Sammy short cut - no shave




Brush out.