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Pyrenees are double-coated and will matt easily with neglect. Because they are a giant breed with a very dense coat we are often called upon to cut them short for the summer so they won’t suffer in the heat and humidity. My experience has been that this isn’t necessary to keep your dog cooler. Regular serious brushing and thinning can keep your dog comfortable by removing a bulk of the undercoat while still maintaining a beautiful secondary coat. This grooming should take place weekly at home and every 8 weeks professionally. However, a short clip in the spring should last through the summer and make a farm dog easier to keep and more comfortable as well. Source:Mike cronk -groomer
At Top Dog we perform the groom brushing the coat and keeping the standard look for this breed or we can groom by the costumer specifications. The short clip (shave or strip) in this breed is perform whe the coat is severely matted, and dematting can be a painful and a long process for a pet . If is necessary do the stripping of the coat do to the matting is convinient at early spring ,the sunlight needs to be considered because without that coat, a dog’s skin can burn in direct sunlight just like ours. The solution to prevent matting is to brush and check with a comb on a more frequent basis. If this isn’t convenient, we are happy to do the between-groom brushing for you to prevent matts from getting out of control. Please ask for the service: only brushing, the rate will be by the hour.
Queen - 9 months old -puppy!!

Dresden Full coat

Great Pyrenees



Brush out to remove undercoat



Scout Standar

Great Pyrenees





Before Moose Summer cut

Part Great Pyrenees



Moose shor cut all over body and head

Part great pyrenees




Bubba Short cut body , blended face and top of head

Great Pyrenees