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Golden Retriever


If you want your dog maintain the appearance of the breed, but really can't deal with all that hair, a Medium cut is the perfec solution. After thoroughly brushing out your dog, we trim the feathering on the legs, chest, rear and tail to about half of the original length. If you prefer short cut or another style, we can perform it.


Moses 8 months old



​Before                       Karina                                                   After                          Body trim up






Sophietrim body, legs, rear, chest, underchest.tail


Before Buddy After body Trim up - no shave down

Golden retriever



Haley--Golden retriever


Before                                                                      Archie                                                  After - shave down -summer cut
2009 Chesper




Chesper Summer Cut (owner resquest )

Golden Retriever




          Before                                                        Lobo    Partlabrador                                                          After
Part Golden retriever
Bear before
Part Golden Retriever/ Labrador