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The heavy coat of Collies (rougth specially) need regular brushing and thinning, can keep your dog comfortable by removing a bulk of the undercoat while still maintaining a beautiful secondary coat. If you aren’t into brushing, we recommend 6-8 week visits so we can thin out the undercoat for you because neglect will lead to matts in short order—especially at the chest, belly,rear end and behind the ears. For ease of maintenance some owners chose to clip down the coat in a utility cut (strip the coat). My personal preference is to keep a Collie well brushed out, but sometimes the fur is so thick from neglect that clipping is the only recourse.

​Before                                                                                           Tucker                                                                  After
Before                        Joker                                     After
Before Bo After
Before Buddy No shave down
Before Buddy Trim all over - no shave
Part Collie