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 Chow Chow

With an abundance of undercoat and heavy seasonal shedding, Chows require intensive grooming on a regular basis. Most owners can’t keep up with the home brushing and by the time the dogs get to us, their coats are extremely thick and usually matted. Dogs that have dense secondary coats require more brushing and it is difficult to get clippers through those coats. Many customers prefer about 1 inch of coat but on thick, matted double-coated dogs (like Shepherds, Chows, Samoyeds) the blade just can’t get through. It must go between the dense hair and the skin, resulting in what is often referred to as “shaving a dog.” Dogs who are clipped close no longer have the protection of that hair. Issues like sunlight need to be considered because without that coat, a dog’s skin can burn in direct sunlight just like ours.



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Part Chow Chow ( Golden Retriever) Lion cut



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Part Chow Chow