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​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Team

Our staff is trained on Animal sanitation, Animal Handling , Animal Care and
has a genuine love for animals . 


january-30-2017.jpg-Owner Since 2008
- Groomer Since 2000
- Kennel licensed operator current 2017
- Certified Canine Massage Practitioner
- Volunteer Animal Shelter-  current 2017
-Bachelor Degree on Animal Science with Major on Animal Husbandry Zootecnia- University Nacional of Colombia 1993 ​​

- Specialization in Systems engineering. Universidad del Valle - Colombia 1999

-Coordinator on Canine Exposition - Fair of Roldanillo - Colombia

 Hi! My name is Lily and I been professionally grooming dogs and cats now since 2000. Top Dog Pet Grooming is a safe, clean and friendly facility where I take great care of your pet. I take pride in my grooming. I groom your dog and/or cat to your specifications. If you are unsure of how you want your pet groomed, I will help you with some ideas. I do it your way – it's your pet. I've always loved animals and dreamed of a career that allowed me to work with them. I absolutely love what I do, and I think this is proven in my work. I look forward to the privilege of working with your pet.

I attended the University National of Colombia Palmira of Colombia for 5 years, and I'm graduate of  Zootecnia1993 (US Equivalency to a Bachelor degree in Animal Science with a Major in Animal Husbandry), obtaining acknowledge on Animal nutrition, Animal reproduction, Animal farming, Animal sanitation, Anatomy Animal, Microbiology, Genetic, Statistics, Ecology, Artificial insemination. etc.

I worked for 6 years for the Department of Agriculture of Valle del Cauca on Colombia (1995) as adviser for community of farmers and planning animal statistic for the state. Organizer for 4 years of the Canine Exposition and walk canine on Roldanillo- Colombia.

 In 2000 I worked at a veterinary clinic as a groomer for 6 years. There I had the opportunity to be trained at this art and also in Canine Massage and help on kennel area when needed my assistance. At the same time I did a volunteer job at the animal shelter of the region: cleaning runs, feeding and walking pets available for adoptions. I have animal handling experience ranging from animals farm: pigs, rabbits, sheep's, guinea pigs, fish, poultry​ etc.....and now for many years with dogs and cats. I love grooming , and working with the different dog breeds.

I am always trying to further my education in ways to pamper your pets even more. I am constantly researching new techniques and inquiring about different products, all to ensure your pet gets the best, most professional grooming possible.

I am here to serve you. My first priority is to provide the very best grooming and care for your pet that is possible. Nothing is more important to me than that!